Monday, November 15, 2010


The invites arrived last Wednesday! Ryan and I are going to Uganda! This is completely surreal and so exciting!!! The process getting here has certainly felt long, but has gone very smoothly overall. Peace Corps has done a great job of helping us understand what to expect at each step. Now that we are officially invitees, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be given an incredible assignment suited to our specific skills in what we hear is a wonderful and beautiful part of the world! We can't wait!

So, according to the assignment packets we received with our invites, here's what we'll be doing:
  • Ryan's job is as a primary teacher trainer. He will be working in a computer lab and teaching classes to primary teacher trainers. From our understanding, he will be based out of a college and will provide technology training for the students there. He may lead additional workshops or trainings on college holidays and vacations.
  • I will be working as a secondary classroom teacher/teacher trainer. This means that I will be a classroom math teacher in a rural school for middle or high school students. I will collaborate with my Ugandan counterparts to create lessons and plans and examinations. Additionally, I may lead workshops or trainings for other teachers when school is not in session.
  • It is expected that all volunteers in Uganda will work on secondary projects related to HIV/AIDS education and prevention, so we'll certainly be engaging in those efforts as well.

We have a feeling the three months until we leave are going to FLY by! We leave February 9th for staging in Philadelphia, and arrive in Uganda on the 11th. Our two years of service officially start April 23. We are thrilled to have these official dates on our calendar. The reality of what is to come is really setting in!

Thanks to all of our family and friends for their support as we prepare to head into this amazing adventure! We are so thankful to have a community of amazing people surrounding us and helping us process and prepare for what is to come!


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