Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everything grows in Uganda!

Since we’ve been here, one of the phrases we’ve heard over and over again is, “EVERYTHING grows in Uganda!” It’s been said in positive ways: flowers and herbs, beautiful plants and trees, etc. and in negative ways: funky things in your drinking water, diseases in your GI tract, etc. So...we’re starting to test this theory (in its positive aspects) at our new little home in Bushenyi!

We brought with us a plethora of seeds from home, and yesterday we started a little seed nursery with some of them! Since Term 2 (the first term in which we will teach) doesn’t start until near the end of May, we have some time to kill before we really have to get to work. So, along with getting to know our new community and setting up our house, we are starting our garden and our compost! So far, we’ve planted oregano, basil, big boy and roma tomatoes, watermelons, and morenga trees. We have lots more seeds but will wait and plant some directly in the ground. We will have to experiment a little with the best seasons for growing here, but nothing should have much problem as long as we water when it is dry season. So, we’re enjoying our own little tribute to spring right here in Uganda!

We are supremely fortunate to have an incredible backyard! On top of our many banana trees, 2 avocado trees, and passion fruit vines, we have a great space ready for us to garden. We’ve already spotted pumpkins and rosemary already growing there, and are certain if someone with a discerning eye came over to help us out, they would be able to spot lots more growing hidden in the weeds! So, that’s a lot of fun and something to be excited about before we get started with our teaching next term. We’ll keep you posted on our garden’s progress!

Missing you all!



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