Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Events @ BPTC + Pictures!

In the last couple of weeks we got to participate as staff in a couple of events here at the college. The first was a regional scouting competition, where students of all ages came to the college for a 4 day scouting event. The students were scored on their campsites, setup and take down, cooking, building fires, singing songs, and all sort of scouty things. It was really fun to watch and cheer on our students.

Then, yesterday we participated in an all day interhouse (dormitory) track and field competition. We had been helping the students with their practices the last couple of weeks and yesterday was the big competition day. Ryan and I worked at the "technical table" determining points and making sure records were kept of all the events. It was a lot of fun and the kids did great.

Here's a link to my facebook album of the event, and we're also working on getting a new "vlog" out to you soon!

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