Saturday, January 12, 2013

Video Blog #10 - The final VLOG!

Hi Everyone!

We have just one more video blog for you!  Here are some of our favorite pictures from our last two years, as well as a few last messages from us!

Thanks for watching, reading, and encouraging us all through this crazy adventure!

~emily & ryan~


  1. GREAT SUMMARY OF YOUR LAST TWO YEARS!!! We have very much enjoyed sharing in your adventure though this Vlog. Thank you very much for being persons "of service" and then sharing your experiences with us through this vehicle.

  2. Amazing pictures, powerful songs, words that cap off the experience together!!! You have done an amazing job of putting the "bow on the present" of the last two years of service in Uganda. We know that you are changed because of your journey and as those who have walked with you through the experience, we are also transformed! Love you OODLES!