Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 bags = 160 lbs = personal belongings for 2 whole years!

The good news is the packing is over! It was not an easy task, but we think we've done an OK job.

As much as we desired to pack light, it's really difficult to decide what is and isn't necessary for the next two years of our life in Uganda! Peace Corps and other volunteers have given pretty helpful lists, but when it comes right down to it it's not easy to sort out our 160 combined pounds of stuff. As much as he wished, we couldn't bring Milo! :-( (we didn't even stage this picture! He just plopped right into a suitcase as we were packing all around him!)

Generally, here's a very summarized list of some of the items that we brought:
  • Modest business casual/professional clothes for work
  • rain jackets
  • sleeping bags
  • spices we like to cook with
  • games to play
  • books
  • Kitchen and other tools
  • Laptops, Ipods, Cameras
That's what I can think of right now! When we did the dreaded weigh in before we left we were pleased to find we were about 20 pounds underweight! So, all is well and hopefully it's everything we need and not much that we don't!

Also, today was the day that we left home! We'll try to write more later about our staging experience in Philadelphia, but we wanted to take a moment to tell everyone how grateful we have been for the support as we have gotten ready to go. Friends and family have been absolutely wonderful through this all and we hope you know how much we appreciate and love you all. Thank you for understanding our emotions and being so supportive and excited for us. What would we do without you all!!!

More to come....

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