Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome Home Uganda

Hi everyone!

We are back at the internet cafe and I thought I would write a quick update.

We moved in on Saturday morning with a wonderful homestay family in Lweza. We live with a mom, dad, younger brother (10 years old), sister (21 years old and home from a break from University), and other sister who is also the household help. There are other children in the family, some directly related and some not. Some are away at boarding school or university, or don't live with the family all of the time. Our host dad works at an NGO that works on HIV/AIDS testing/eduction and our mom is an accountant who also runs a "small" chicken farm. (We found out later that her small farm has 800 chickens on it!!!) Our home is extremely nice and our family has been amazingly welcoming! We feel like we have a home and a family here in Uganda now and it is a really wonderful feeling!

On Saturday we spent the day mostly moving into our new home for the next couple of months. We have our own room in the house. Also, the house has electricity, running water (with a shower and flushing toilet!), a large gate that surrounds it for security, and guard dogs who are out once the sun goes down. We have a TV, and even a refrigerator/freezer. On Saturday we ate a wonderful meal of fresh chicken (from the farm), beans, rice, matoke (traditional ugandan dish made out of cooked, mashed, ripe bananas), and green beans. We had fresh pineapple juice afterward - delicous! We also were able to attend a meeting of a savings and credit coop that our family is a part of, along with many of their village mates.

Sunday we went to church with our mom and one older sister. It was a really wonderful experience. When nobody showed up to lead the service, our host mom and sister took it upon themselves to read scriptures and prayers from the Anglican worship book. Our mom gave the sermon! We sang Amazing Grace, What A Friend We Have in Jesus - all the classics! As we left, many more people were coming to the church for the service in Luganda that would take place after our English one was completed.

Also, my host sisters caught me up on their favorite soap opera - Hidden Passions. Unfortunately the power went out so we weren't able to watch it. We tried to go to the neighbor
s home with a generator, but it also failed. Lucky for me, one of my sisters spent about 2 and half hours catching me up on the story line - so dramatic! So, I will look forward to catching the rerun on Saturday! (PS - I NEVER followed soaps while in the states, so this is another cross cultural experience!)

There is so much more to share but my time is running out! I hope you know how often we are thinking of you all and how we can't wait to share more stories with you! Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers and know that we are also sending them your way! If you get a chance, shoot us an email ( or We miss you and would love to hear about what is going on in all of your lives!!!

Much love,


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  1. How are u ms kjesbo did u get save uganda and also how is everthing is going on their.I hope u enjoying your vacation. post a pic to see uganda It me muhubo i miss u.I'm doing great.I can see you like there and also have wuonderful two yr and be save.