Saturday, June 4, 2011


So...Ugandan's love volleyball! Who knew?! Yesterday we got to enjoy a rousing game of V-ball with our PCV friend Bailey. Bailey teaches at an all girl's secondary school just a few kilometers from us and on top of being a science and computer teacher, has already taken on the job of Volleyball coach! So, she is working with 2 teams of girls at the school and getting them in the competitive spirit. It was a lot of fun to get to be a part of it yesterday!

There were many moments of classic Ugandan-ness during the match. The first being that the opposing team arrived two and a half hours late! Another hilarious moment was when the opposing team took off their warm up pants and was wearing a "traditional" volleyball uniform. The girls laughed and hooted and hollered!Something to know about Ugandans - they view womens' thighs as one of the most seductive parts of the body. They have no hesitation about breasts and are not shy about the frequent exposure of breasts in public, yet thighs are an absolute no-no. This is why skirts are so important for women here and why the Bweranyange girls were wearing athletic shorts like this: So....the thighs of the opposing team caused quite a ruckus!
Another funny moment was when, multiple times throughout the game, the Bweranyange girls would resort to kicking the ball. Of course "Football" (soccer) is a big sport here in Uganda, and I think it must just be a habit for them to use their feet. Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess! :-)

The girls were scrimmaging against a group of freakishly tall University students. They lost every game (best 3 out of 5) but they really put up a great effort! It was a little David vs. Goliath-esque, and we were proud of them for doing their best! A fun, sunny, afternoon!

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