Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vlog #1 ;-)

So, I think the word "vlog" is super cheezy. But, Ryan and I recently got a flip camera and so we are going to try to video blog (aka vlog) when we can to share a little more about what we're up to here. This weekend we got started. So, here is our first "vlog," just a little tour around our house and a lesson by Ryan on doing laundry by hand! :-) Hopefully in days to come we can show some of our work at the college, our market, our students, etc. Enjoy!



  1. Loved it - though I don't know you guys yet, I really look forward to meeting the experienced volunteers when I arrive in August for my 2 year stint in the Uganda Peace Corps Volunteer Adventure! Hope my digs are as nice as yours.
    Peace - Karla

  2. It is such a treat to see your world - home, garden and the daily chores of life (laundry). It is great to hear your voice, hear your giggles and see your smiling faces! Sending love your way!
    Love you oodles - Mom

  3. That video is fantastic you guys! Thank you for sharing it. Honestly, it was nice to hear your voices! Is that totally lame? I don't care. Much love to you both! OXO